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Personalized Search

Personalization & Localization are the future of search and Google 'personalizes' search results. See more info at: search personalization

Conversion Optimization

A free multivariate page testing tool that can help you determine the best images, ad copy, and call to action buttons to optimize your on line conversions. See the Google Website Optimizer.

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Current Strategies for Proper Site Optimization

Our SEO Services

We work with web developers, marketing agencies and skilled website owners utilizing a holistic approach to optimizing a website for the major search engines. We try to maximize all the various optimization opportunities available. The goal is to have a clean and crawlable site that will rank well for the targeted keywords and keyword phrases. Our experience shows that a website should be properly optimized first. Once it's correctly optimized we can start on external factors such as search engine submissions, link building, directory submissions and any appropriate social media or forums work.
We like to set up a proper Google Analytics account to track site activity. We also use third party reporting to track keyword ranking.


The basics of Keyword Research are still the absolute foundation of proper SEO. Once a targeted keyword list is developed everything flows from there. We then create relevant site attributes and tags to help get indexed correctly at the major search engines. After the initial optimization and proper submissions we can review initial SERP rankings and competitive issues.

Content Is (Still) King

Good SEO copy writing utilizing targeted contextual keywords is the most important element of good site optimization. One of the most common statements made by Google engineers at the major search conferences is: 'Write good, relevant content and we will find and index your site.' We can fine tune your marketing message to make it easier for the search engines to find and index.

Google Algorithm Changes

Google continually changes its algorithm for a variety of reasons. A lot of it is to simply deliver better search results. Another reason is to penalize sites that are using unreasonable optimization tactics. Google is very upfront on their Webmaster Guidelines Forums. Use proper coding, linking, attributes and tagging - and you should not get penalized. Keeping up with the changes will keep your site in compliance. It's important for your site and its internal / external links to NOT be spammy.





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